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Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)

CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) is a new type of chlorination reaction based thermo plastic elastomer. It is white in color, non-toxic and odorless. Thanks to its special structure, it exhibits superior physical and chemical performance. Recently, CPE; It is mainly used in Plastic and Rubber products and is preferred by users due to its affordable price and superior performance.





It is mostly used in the Plastic industry and WEIPREN CM is used in the Rubber industry.


  • Flexibility and impact/impact resistance are very good,

  • Superior filling capacity,

  • Good low temperature performance and weather resistance,

  • It has high flame retardant properties,

  • It has very good compatibility with polymers such as PVC, PE and ABS,

  • Superior chemical resistance,

  • It is highly dispersible and processable.

WEIPREN RESIN is available in 9 different grades and can be produced according to customer demands. Available products: CPE 6000, 3135, 8000, 8500, 2135, 2132, 6025, 5236, 7130A.

Usage areas 

PVC Modification

It is generally preferred in hard plastic products because it is cost-effective and very good shock absorber/impact resistant. For example; Plastic Profiles, Pipes, Couplings and Tables are used in exterior cladding and thin wall coverings that are resistant to rust and moisture. WEIPREN RESIN increases the plasticization rate of PVC, as well as its workability, performance at low temperatures and resistance to weather conditions. 

Flame Retardant ABS

WEIPREN RESIN is an inherently flame retardant type and has very good compatibility with flame retardant ABS. It reduces the use of flame retardant. It increases the filling capacity of flame retardant materials without reducing their impact strength. Weipren 2135 and Weipren 2132 products have good temperature stability, moderate fluidity, high filling capacity, and good adaptation to ABS. It is suitable for use with flame retardant ABS. 

Magnetic Products

WEIPREN RESIN 7130A has a high filling capacity for Ferrite powder. Magnetic products produced with WEIPREN RESIN have superior magnetic strength, and rubber products produced with WEIPREN RESIN have low temperature flexibility and good softness. It is mostly used in the production of refrigerator sealing tape, magnetic panels and bars. 

Soft Products

As a superior elastomer, WEIPREN RESIN can be used directly in the production of soft products. When WEIPREN RESIN is used, there will be no need to add plasticizer. It is mostly used in the production of waterproof coils/rolls, shoe products, plastic wire, sealing tape, awnings, tarpaulins and other soft products.


WEIPREN RESIN structure has a similar molecular chain as PE and other plastics. For this reason, its adaptation with other plastic groups is good. WEIPREN 6025 can be used with plastics such as PE.    



It is used in the rubber industry with its ideal price advantages.


  • Its mechanical performance is very good.

  • It has very good resistance to weather conditions and chemicals.

  • Stretch resistance is very good.

  • It is flame retardant.

  • Machine oil resistance is very good.

  • It can be stored for a long time.

WEIPREN CM grades: 3100, 3000, 6035, 6135, 6235, 6335, 6535, 140B, 6140, 7130, 6025M

Usage areas

Wire and Cable

WEIPREN CM, thanks to its good mechanical performance and electrical insulation and superior process ability, is generally used in wire and cable production: as a protection sheath for many types of oil-resistant parallel cords (HPN cords), Soft cord and cable Protective sheath for white goods (Radiators, kitchen utensils, air conditioners). , refrigerator), Light, medium and heavy duty and marina, protective sheath for locomotive cables, power cables, insulation of measurement and control cables, etc.


WEIPREN CM can be stored for a long time at ambient temperature with its cost-effective and vulcanized rubber. 



Automobile and Industrial Hose

It has good heat, oil, chemical and ozone resistance. It is ideal for the automobile industry with its flexing resistance and high flexing strength properties. For example: It is used in gearbox oil hose, brake hose, power steering hose, engine inlet-outlet hoses, engine oil outlet hoses, air conditioning hoses.


  • 25kg PP bag / 25kg PE bag

  • 500/600/750/900/1000kg Big Bag

  • 25kg EVA (low melting point) (for rubber customers)

  • 1 and 1.5 ton Pallet

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