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Nar Chemical

We are a trading and sourcing company based in Istanbul, Turkey, committed to meeting the needs of our clients around the world through our strong, long-term business relationship with manufacturers.

As a dynamic company that provides a variety of products such as Natural and Synthetic Rubbers, Rubber Chemicals, Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), Polyurethane Systems for footwear market, Polyester Polyol to our clients.

By arranging timely delivery of our customers' desired products, we are committed to bring the utmost satisfaction to our clients. We deal with a broad range of products in the global market and deliver the optimum results for our clients. And we are confident our company provides a solid service while at the same time possesses the flexibility to adapt to changes in the international market. 

In brief, we endeavor to deliver excellent service and strive to be the best supplier and partner for our customers.



+90 0216 350 80 30


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